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"Damn it!" Rush exclaimed while crossing his arms. "He got away, Now that spaceship is falling with us in it!" 
"Hmph, Well.. Is there a way out, Or we'll fall like this?" Green-Light asked, Looking strangely Calm, Staring at the view of the ship, Which was destroyed while the robot-suited assistants that supported Him Jumping off the ship in order to prevent themselves from falling. 
"Well, I don't know if there's anything we ca" Tabitha said but her speech was cut. "There.... There is one way down." Rush said as he was getting prepared to jump off the falling ship, He then looked at Tabitha and Green-Light. "You ready?" Rush asked. 
Green-Light nodded, As well as Tabitha. And without further ado. The three of them made a jump from the falling ship as it was getting shattered to pieces creating platforms for them to step on. 

As Tabitha and Green-Light made a land on one of the platforms, Rush was capable of grabbing one of the robot-suited army members. "You, Speak now or forever hold your silence, You'll be dead Nonetheless."  

"Where is He?!" Rush shouted, As Tabitha placed her hand on his shoulder. "Calm down, Violence will lead to no where." Tabitha stated, As Rush smiled and pointed above them. The two other members looked above to see more of the army preparing an ambush from the Spaceship. "Hmph, Time to catch up the phase." Rush said, Throwing the army he was holding in the air, Taking off his scarf, He then made a jump from the platform, His destination was to the center of the army. After 35 Seconds Approx. Rush was exactly in the center of the army. As Green-Light and Tabitha observed. "Alright, Take this!" Rush yelled as he turned to his spin formation, He began to slowly move in place, As his move increased by time, And after 22 seconds, The spin move created a wind tornado, Capturing the army in his grasp. "I'll use your technique." Green-Light said, Making a jump as well, As the tornado had the enemies Stunned. "Gotcha!"  Green-Light began to furiously attack each and every member of them in a large burst of speed. But he received a punch that was appearing out of no where, Green-Light looked at the source of the punch as he was holding his chest. It was one of the robot-suited members who broke free. "Alright, Count me in!" Tabitha said, Also making a jump behind that brave solider. "Not so fast!" Tabitha Exclaimed, Attacking the Robot with her legs several times. "And now, Time for the ending!" Tabitha grabbed the robot's head, Cracking it in her hand as she pushed him to another one of the paralyzed army. Causing an explosion due to the contact at the both of them in high speed.  Rush then made a move, He increased the tornado's speed at the right side of the field, Causing all the robots to bump into each other, Which created a larger explosion as the three heroes continued their fall. "Chaos...!" Rush said, As he grabbed the arms of both of Tabitha and Green-Light. "Control!" Rush yelled, Creating a large vortex sucking the three heroes in it, After 7 seconds, They made another appearance few miles away from the location of the falling ship, As it crashed to the ground as well as all of the remains of the army that they fought against. "Too easy!" Rush said, Placing his hand in front of Tabitha while smirking. "Better luck next time!" Tabitha exclaimed. Giving Rush a high-five while grinning, Green-Light was crossing his arms, Looking away from the both of them. "We've got company." He said, Causing Rush and Tabitha to look at the location Green-Light had his sight in. "You!" Both Of Rush and Tabitha shouted, Looking at a dark figure standing ahead of them. "He..he..he... You thought you can get rid of me this easily?" The dark figure moved forward, He was a red hedgehog, Had a scar on the left side of his forehead, Dark Purple eyes, White skin, His clothing was an armor as well as a sword. He had no gloves on, He wore a dark yellow Short as there was something in his hand. "Huh, What are you holding?" Rush asked, Taking a closer look. "Oh, This?" The mysterious hedgehog answered while smiling, Throwing the item to Rush. "It is yours." He said, Rush grabbed the item, It was a bracelet, It was dark Purple, Nothing special seemed to appear on it. But never to be tricked to what is appeared on the naked eye, Rush believed in that. He wore the bracelet. "Rush, What are you doing?!" Tabitha shouted. "Why did you wear it?!" She asked, Rush grinned looking at her. "It's mine, after all." Rush closed his eyes, He knew what the bracelet was, However did not want to reveal anything of it.
                                                       --- To be continued--- 

Rush: Me.

Tabitha: :iconxtabbycakes: 

G-L: :icongreenlighting9:
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Gyakuten Kenji 2: Announce The Truth.
  • Reading: The Smuggling Case file.
  • Watching: Nothing.
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  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Nothing.


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~Decent Roleplayer~

Fan Character's Biography:

Basic Information:

Name- Rush.

Nickname(s)- Rusho/ Rush-Kun/ Rushy.

Age- 16

Birthday- August 1st.

Gender- Male.

Orientation- Straight

Species- Hedgehog

Religion- None.

Political Views- Not interested in Politics.

Languages Spoken- English (Expert), German (Beginner).

Occupation- Defense Attorney.

IQ- 166

Relationship Status- Taken and happy.

Physical Appearance

Hair Color- Purple.

Fur Color- Purple.

Skin Color- Amber.

Eye Color- Light Blue.

Height- Unknown.

Weight- Unknown.

Nationality- White.

Build- ...

Clothing style- Depends.

Alternate clothing- Scarf.

Jewelry- None.

Jewelry Alternate- None.

Accessories- Bracelets, Headphones.

Marks- None.

Piercings- None.

Scars- None.

Miscellaneous- None


Addictions- None

Allergies- Any Extra-Salty item.

Diseases- None.

Disorders- ...

Physical Ailments- Glasses. (Never did and Never will wear them.)


Girlfriend- Don't concern yourself with that.

Father- None.

Mother- None.

Brothers- :iconnsth1250: :iconvegetto74:

Sisters- :iconjessicathehedgie12: :iconxxangels-delightxx:

Closest Friends- :iconxtabbycakes: :icongreenlighting9: :iconbar-kun: :iconxxangelthxx:

Best Friends- :iconsupertails5: :iconmespaintth:

Enemies- Unknown.


The Three Musketeers. With GreenLighting9 and xTabbyCakes


Personality- Rush is full of confidence, Can be calm despite the situation unless it's something he really fears the circumstances and the causes afterwards. He can be humorous in some points, Very Keen into using Logic in his daily life.

Powers- Logic.

Forms- Normal/Super/Hyper/Dark/Cybeast.

Weapons- None.


Edgey Stamp 16 by NowellsStamps Apollo Justice Objection stamp by Ray-52 Oh Snap by ovstamps Nnnghoooh Stamp by taximals Justice is served well stamp by chuedy Miles Edgeworth Stamp by il-piccina AA- Justice Stamp by Officer-1BDI Edgey Stamp 10 by NowellsStamps STAMP - Phoenix Wright Fan by Valery91Thunder
Phoenix Wright Stamp- Goofy by oni-tobi PW: NaruMitsu Stamp by Chibikaede Free Phoenix Wright icon by Karin-Sawada
Free Miles Edgeworth icon by Karin-Sawada Ace Attorney: Edgeworth x Phoenix by Vulpixi-Stamps Turnaround Stampers Stamp by XxBlitz-HedgiixX
The Prosecution Stamp by NateFox Young Edgeworth Stamp by NateFox Gavin Brothers Stamp by SitarPlayerIX


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sonaze01 Apr 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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Sure, Go ahead. :3
sonaze01 Apr 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ok! ^^ Thanks! :3
xXRushthehedgieXx Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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thanks for teh watch .w.
xXRushthehedgieXx Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome, Mate. XP 
:3 hey i think i actually know you.. Are you a friend of :iconxxspikethehedgehogxx: .w. sorry if your another Rush and i'm just wasting your time xD
xXRushthehedgieXx Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well. I do know Spike. XD Can't say I know him much, But still. 
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WindBladeShadowhog12 Apr 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
lol thx for de fave
xXAngels-DelightXx Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I saw you on my page u bish e u e
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